Here i have selected a few things i have noticed in 15 years of radio and tv servicing. If you have any funny stories or any additions to make to this page, please email me using the sites contact page, i would really like to hear them. now on facebook, please feel free to join my group. just type in on in the search tab on facebook.

You are out on a service call and you listen to nothing but drivel on the radio, but when you arrive at the customers house thats when they play the best song you have not heard for ages.

You are alone in the shop and the shop is full of customers, the phone rings and its a customer thats awkward/difficult/stubborn and takes ages to sort them out.

The biggest t.v you have ever seen that belongs to an awkward customer that you dread going to and repaired just 2 weeks ago...bounces back

All the jobs you give "guesstimates" to, always have the most difficult faults, belong to the most aggressive customers, and you charge far too little for.

Customers go deaf when they dont get their own way.

You are on yet another service call in your van and you are driving on an empty road and have not seen another car for the last 2 miles, and you see a large puddle at the side of the road that you must avoid at all costs, you need to swerve out but thats when you meet that elusive car appears from nowhere.

You always meet cyclists in your van/car at the brow of a hill, on a left hand bend, and when you need to overtake there is always a car coming the other way.

Most of the repairs that bounce back belong to the most intimidating or aggressive customers.

You are having a heated debate with an unreasonable customer, that the shop starts filling up with customers when its been quiet for 2 hours.

You can change 10 electrolytics in a t.v and it always the one you missed out thats faulty.

You can spend hours on a t.v checking and measuring, but its always the component you suspected hours ago thats faulty.

You can have a t.v in your workshop with a nasty intermittent fault. You think you have repaired it...after all you have had it on test for 2 weeks!! You decide to take it back to its owner, and yes your right......thats when the fault shows up.

Faulty components are usually in hard to reach places.

Customers with big heavy sets always live up 3 flights of stairs with no lift.

You have a circuit diagram in front of you and the faulty component is on a tear/crease or soldering iron burn and is totally elegible.

Its nearly the end of your working day and you really have to be away on time tonight for your wifes birthday/appointment/party.....thats when a rental customer rings up 30 mins before you are due to finish with a faulty t.v set and he/she lives 5 miles away....and its rush hour!! oh no!!

You can have a t.v set working happily in the shop for 5 weeks non-stop but as soon as a customer buys it and takes it home.....yes, it goes off.

You can have 12 different colours of alarm clock for sale, but customers will always ask for a colour you dont have.

You can have a run of customers asking for a particular item, but you can be sure that when it comes into stock, you will never see the customers again.

You can sell a t.v set in the shop with a minor fault, (say the earphone socket does not work)and you can be sure as eggs is eggs that the customer will be back complaining that his/her earphone socket is faulty even though in reality its very seldom needed/used.

You can persistently ring a customer up for 3 months telling him/her that their t.v is repaired and ready to collect, and then you store it for another 9 months then decide to sell it to defray expenses.....thats when the customer comes in the shop and wants their t.v back.

Customers can mither you stupid non-stop for 3 weeks about their repair you have not done yet on their t.v/radio/vcr/audio, but you can bet your bottom dollar when you repair it you will never hear from them again.

The little old lady that does not have much money and you feel sorry for and you dont charge the call-out fee to, has the most awkward time consuming t.v set to repair and you seriously under-quote the repair.

You can have 100 estimates and done 98 of them, but customers will always ring up about the 2 you have not done.

You always pull the wrong screwdriver out of the toolbox, you want a slotted one and its always a pozi, you want a pozi and its always a slotted one that comes out.

You can have 3 bunches of keys in your pocket but the bunch you want will always be at the bottom.

You can use the van every day for 6 months. but the day it goes in for repair will be the day you need it most.....

When i used to repair t.v sets in Manchester i went to some real dirty houses inside, you see i worked in Fallowfield and the Moss Side region which is known for its rough image. I went to repair a ladys vcr which had stopped working(the mechanism had all jammed up)and i took off the bottom panel and was shocked to see no fewer than 20 dead cockroaches.
The floor we had put down was of the chipboard type in the workshop and directly underneath was a communal lead waterpipe that used to feed all the shops. It continually sprung leaks on and off in fact it used to happen with regular monotony. One day i was aware of a hissing sound in the workshop and went to investigate. I located it was coming from the floor(this was before i knew of the pipe)and started to rip the floor up......and was greeted with a faceful of water! On another occasion i was walking with a heavy t.v set across the workshop floor and my foot went straight through, my father was rolling around laughing....i did see the funny side.
One day i was repairing a piece of equipment and i became aware of a bubbling/hissing sound so i stuck my head in for a closer look to see where it was coming that moment a 2200uf electrolytic capacitor exploded showering my eyes with electrolyte and the can part shot past my left ear and made an indentation on the wall!!
C.r.t tubes can be lethal having witnessed it for myself. I had just taken one out to be replaced by a new crt and left the old one on the bench, the shop bell went and i went to serve a customer. As i was talking to the customer there was one mighty BANG!! and me and the customer nearly leapt 3 feet into the air!! I went to investigate and found the workshop like a scene from the blitz!! glass everywhere.